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Engineering: Biotechnology, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Computer, Mechanical, Computer Science and Information

About Vellore Institute of Technology

The Indian Institute of Technology in Vellore offers students everything that a very good college would offer its students. This is a lot more than what meets the eye, while it is understandable that students and parents alike would focus on the standard of education, infrastructure of the college, faculty, research done at the university etc, there is no doubt about the excellent reputation of IIT. A lot of students fail to realize the importance of the role that the college will have on their future careers. To understand how your college will have an impact on your career, a student needs to understand that the reputation of the college is key to their future prospects in the job market. In fact a lot of good colleges such as Indian Institute of Technology have corporate organizations approaching them to recruit some of the best talent that they have. This is very important for students who are selected by corporate organizations, due to the fact that organizations recruit students at very handsome pay packets that are not available in the open market. When students are recruited from good colleges by big corporate, they are handsomely paid and they also get a jump start on their careers. This ensures that throughout their corporate life they will be one step ahead of the pack when it comes to salary and designation in the work place. Generally students who perform well are at top positions in the corporate world in about 8 years.

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