College of Engineering Trivandrum

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  • Engineering
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Engineering: Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Industrial, Architecture, Computer Science

About College of Engineering Trivandrum

The College of Engineering Trivandrum in Thiruvananthapuram offers all its students with excellent facilities and features, which is essential for a good education. This is a particularly large college and was established in 1939, giving it a very long and glorious history. Over the years the college has established itself as one of the leading names in the circle of engineering colleges in the country. It offers students numerous courses and specializations, in addition to graduations and post graduation courses. The college also has a number of features that make this an excellent place to consider for higher studies. Some of the key features which should be a primary concern to students is the reputation of the college. The reason it is so important to care about the reputation of the college is due to the simple fact that, it plays a major role in the job that students will get later. The better the reputation of the college the better a student can expect his or her career to be. The name of the college will follow students around for the rest of their careers after they have graduated, and will play a significant role in the employment of the student. This is why the College of Engineering Trivandrum with its fine reputation is a great choice for higher studies.

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