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Engineering: Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Civil Engineering, Chemical and Material Technology

About SRM Institute of Science and Technology

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai offers students with some of the best options when it comes to a quality education. Possibly the oldest educational institute in the country still surviving, the college was established in 1786, and with over two centuries of experience under its belt this college has a reputation which cannot be argued with. The college is situated on 250 acres of land and offers a very well developed infrastructure to all its students; this also includes numerous features and facilities that the students will require to get a very high quality education. The SRM Institute of Science and Technology is designed to cater to a very large number of students at a time, and as a result has ample facilities to support every need of the vast number of students who study there. There are also a number of other features which need to be taken into consideration; some of these are the excellent quality of faculty, the excellent standard of education, the number of fully equipped research facilities and all the other facilities that students require. In addition to this the college has an excellent reputation among corporations and business houses who regularly visit the college every year to recruit fresh talent into their organizations. This is very beneficial to students who are then able to get great starts to their careers with very good starting salaries and more.

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